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Heckfield Place Hook RG27 0LD United Kingdom
Time 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Price Complimentary for Friends

May 12 2024 - The Zone of Interest (12)

Join us for a screening of The Zone of Interest (12) in the Screening Room on 12 May 2024 at 4 PM.

German-occupied Poland, summer of 1943. More than anything, Hedwig, an indefatigable mother of five, wants to keep her well-organised life as is. After all, she has worked her fingers to the bone to create a fragrant slice of paradise to raise her children, and nothing will change that. If only her husband, the distinguished SS officer and Auschwitz commander Rudolf Hoess, weren't always burdened by his duties. But perfection is a fleeting illusion. As the oblivious life of the commandant's wife unravels in cloudless bliss, Rudolf finds himself swamped with work, saddled with overseeing the installation of a new ventilation system and a highly effective Topf and Sons multi-muffle, non-stop incineration oven system. It's hard to imagine that just a hair's breadth away from the peaceful and idyllic Höss household, the unimaginable horrors of the Final Solution were unfolding in full swing. And as noisome fumes and muffled, blood-curdling noises blemish Hedwig's fragrant utopia, a question emerges. When evil becomes banal and indifference requires no effort, what separates man from beast?

Run time: 1hr 45minutes

Please note that our screenings are for our resident guests and Friends of Heckfield. Friends will be provided with the link required to book in the monthly newsletter. 

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