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Heckfield Place Hook RG27 0LD United Kingdom
Time 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Price £15

January 7 2024 - Wassail at Heckfield Home Farm

Join us for our very own Wassail on 7 January 2024 at 3 PM, where we’ll come together in our orchard for much merrymaking and classic Wassail rituals such as age-old folk songs to banish bad energy while sipping warm drinks to stay cosy.

A Twelfth Night tradition, Wassail is said to encourage spirits that will promise a rich harvest in seasons to come. The word is said to derive from the Old English ‘was hál’, meaning to be hale, or in good health – something we wish upon Home Farm with whole heart.

Learn about the history of trees, the orchard at Home Farm and Wassailing.

This event will take place at Heckfield Home Farm: Heckfield Home Farm, Bramshill Rd, Hook RG27 0LA, UK

Please note that this is event is currently just for our resident guests and Friends of Heckfield. Friends will be provided with the link required to book in the monthly newsletter. 

Resident guests can get in touch with us here to book.

If you're interested in becoming a Friend, please get in touch here.